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About Jeff

Jeff Tetz, CEO & Partner at Results, is passionate about helping leaders build great workplaces. Since 2011, working alongside an experienced team of business advisors, he’s been introducing companies in Canada to the power of execution discipline and how transformative it can be for a business and its people.  

Jeff brings a well-rounded perspective to leadership having spent time on the business side of professional sports with the Edmonton Oilers and Edmonton Elks, and on the coaching side working with high-performance athletes in junior hockey for 2 decades.  

He is the host of Unleashed, a leadership podcast produced by Results where he interviews the world’s top leadership authors and business thinkers to help listeners unleash their own leadership potential.  

Away from work, he is a self-proclaimed mountaineer and a life-long learner. He also serves on the board of the Brain Care Centre and is the founder of Santa YEG, an organization focused on feeding Edmonton’s homeless population during the winter months.

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Unleashed Podcast Host

As host of Unleashed, Jeff makes otherwise inaccessible world-class speakers and content available & easy to consume so you can grow your business leadership skills. Unleashed is designed to simplify leadership so you can elevate your impact.

Visit the Unleashed Podcast Library to watch, listen to, or read about past episodes.

Leadership Consulting Keynote Speaker

Jeff is passionate about helping leaders develop their skills and build great workplaces where employees love to work.

Cultural Chemistry

Building a cohesive team takes deliberate action. Jeff explores how applying three key competencies for a winning culture (building psychological safety, sharing vulnerability, and establishing purpose) will strengthen the culture and teamwork in your organization. 

Building a More Predictable Business

Predictable companies have a culture of adaptability, accountability, and flexible planning to eliminate surprises that, if we’re being honest, shouldn’t be surprises at all. In this presentation, Jeff shares the five common mistakes companies are making that lead to inconsistent results.

Innovation & Disruptive Change

Do you ever feel like our world, and specifically your business environment, is changing at an alarming rate? When the rate of external change exceeds your organization’s ability to identify risks, understand opportunities, and pivot, the risk to your business increases significantly.

Surviving the Great Talent Resignation

In April 2021 something happened that would change work, probably forever. We are living through a time period that has been aptly named The Great Resignation. Jeff discusses why this is occurring; what causes top talent to stay vs leave; and how to hire, onboard, and engage the best talent.


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