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Unleash Your Business Potential

Is your business struggling with leadership, planning, or strategy execution? The Results Execution System (RES) will strengthen your business, develop your people, and help you build a foundation of accountability.

Transform Your Business

Are You Ready to Transform Your Business and Get Results?

Do you need help with talent management or employee engagement? Do you lose sales due to poor processes and inter-company communication? Our team of consultants and
business advisors in Calgary, Edmonton and Vancouver provide the management consulting services needed to improve business strategy and execution.


Strategic Execution

Put the processes in place for timely, relevant and impactful strategic planning, effective business execution and accountability so that you can accelerate growth and achieve your goals.


Leadership Development

Hands on, real time leadership coaching and guidance provide your management team with the tools and skills they need to create alignment and gain traction on a shared purpose and goals.


Talent Optimization

Harness your biggest asset by developing the systems and strategies to measure, improve and strengthen employee engagement; including succession planning, talent mapping, performance management, and accountability.


Access advice, worksheets, and tools to help your organization build a custom Change Management Plan.

From Strategy to Execution.

Streamline Your Planning
Grow Your Team
Increase Your Profit

Working with Results Business Consultants helped us to bridge the gap between strategy and execution. If you care about the work you do, the people you work with, and the communities you’re impacting, Results Business Consultants will take you to the next level.
Results Business Consultants Execution System (RES)

A System Designed To

Improve Your Business

Seeking Financial Return?

We help you develop long and short term strategic plans and optimize business processes to ensure your company can capitalize on a clear strategic advantage. The result is an increase in sales and performance, higher employee engagement, and lower overhead with more efficient operations.

Yearning for Work-Life Balance?

To attain the work-life balance you want we help you develop sound leadership behaviors, including grooming future leaders, building a strategy that drives your team towards goals, and putting the processes in place that allow your company to flourish and run efficiently without your involvement.

Lack of Vision and Healthy Culture?

We give you the system you need to build a company with a clear vision for the future, and a game plan for getting there. Learn how to operationalize your company vision and adopt the world-class talent management systems to build a company that attracts and retains great people.

Client Testimonials

What Our Clients Say

Iggy Domagalski
- CEO of Tundra Process Solutions
Working with Results Business Consultants has led to increased trust and accountability within our management team. This has led us to achieve our results every year. If you are looking for better alignment within your management team, and better accountability to business results, then I would say just do it and dive into the Results Execution Disciplines Program with both feet. Give it a try for a year and enjoy the great results that come with it.
Tyler Dahlseide
- President of Ferus
Ferus has worked extensively with Results Business Consultants Canada over the last 10 years to grow and at times stabilize our business. They are the foremost business execution advisory firm in Alberta in my opinion.
Ryan Scott
- Avalon Master Builder
Working with Results has strengthened our leadership team, improved communication, and enabled us to build a culture of execution... we continue to see tremendous value and growth in our work with Results.

Do you want the same kind of results in your business?

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End Your Frustrations

Do any of these challenges sound familiar...

Are you frustrated by the time you spend working IN your business, rather than ON your business?

Do you and your team have great ideas but fail to execute?
Is your company missing the systems and processes for sound delegation and decision making at all levels?
Are you struggling to hire the right people?
Are you working 24/7 because the business can’t run without you?

What you're looking for is a comprehensive strategy, effective talent management, and a process to execute on your plans.

Our system provides you with all of these things.