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Canadian Business Consulting

Building a great company doesn’t have to feel so overwhelming. Talk to our experienced team about growing your business, improving leadership team cohesion, and aligning your organization using a proven system for success that has worked with hundreds of Canadian mid-sized firms.

Not Your Average Business Consultants

Most consultants tell you what to do and then walk away. At Results Business Consultants, our Business Execution Specialists walk beside you through your journey. Our clients join a rich community filled with like-minded peers who learn and grow together for years.

We’ve brought together an experienced team of people who are passionate about our client’s growth:

Senior business people who have been in your shoes.
Certification in a proven Execution System that has helped hundreds of organizations improve performance.
A fully integrated team helping you by combining broad and varied experience and skills.
A team that cares, listens, and tailors the right solution for you.

Want proof? Just listen to what clients say about working with Results Business Consultants.

The Benefits of Effective Business Coaching

Avoid Surprises

Strategic planning and execution discipline is the foundation to building an agile, capable, fun organization; all while creating a culture of accountability.

Retain Top Talent

Today’s competitive advantage is people. Powerful purpose, clarity of vision, and strong leadership attract, retain and engage the best people who in turn drive better results.

Increase Performance

Growth comes in many areas: revenue, profitability, alignment, cohesion, communication are just a few. No matter what the measuring stick, our business advisors can help you get there.

Certified Business Consultants Offering

1. Strategic Execution Disciplines

A comprehensive approach to planning, education and accountability to help your leadership team develop a winning culture, strategic rhythm and execution systems for growth.


2. Strategic Business Planning

Expert facilitation of your planning process is invaluable. Results Business Consultants provides skilled facilitators to make the most of your strategy planning sessions so that your goals, decisions and priorities are clear and actionable.


3. Developing Leaders

Creating and cultivating a leadership pipeline is essential for the success of any business. Results Business Consultants provides a series of programs to teach leaders how to think strategically, engage people, and grow as leaders.


4. Managing Change

The Results Business Consultants team helps you build nimbleness, anticipate and capitalize on opportunities for innovation, and continuously improve to ensure your entire team successfully navigates change.


5. Business Execution Summit

BEx has earned a reputation for creating a highly engaging platform for attendees to share best practices, opportunities and ideas, all with one goal in mind – to build great companies.



Results Business Consultants has given us the ability to guide our company through a transformation. We have goals, strategy and an execution plan that are all aligned and communicated so that everyone in our company knows where we are going. Our culture is evolving as a result of our strategic direction and the ongoing attention to our business.

Business Consulting FAQ

Interested in learning more about our unique approach? Here are some common questions we get asked about business coaching.

What’s the return on investment?

Every business is unique, and Results Business Consultants tailors our program for you. Clients report significant improvements in strategic priority execution, culture, employee engagement, alignment, leadership team effectiveness, and performance.


Why should we hire you over other business consultants? How are you different?

We take a team approach, and we have a proven system. Most importantly though, your coach won’t just ensure you have the answer, but that you have implemented the solution. Accountability to the changes you want and need to make in your firm is our sweet spot.

Won’t this take a lot of time?

It can feel initially like ‘drinking from the firehose,’ but quickly you’ll start to save time by having clear goals and direction, faster meetings, more efficient processes, simpler plans, less rework and fire-fighting and more transparent communication.

Why can’t we do this ourselves?

You can, but like climbing a mountain it’s safer, faster, and more efficient to have a guide who has been on the journey before.

This seems expensive.

How do you value confidence, leadership development, cohesion, clarity, growth and success? For less than the cost of a junior employee, you can add Results Business Consultants — a whole team of senior advisors — as partners to your leadership team.

How do I get my team on board / convince my CEO?

We will guide your entire leadership team through a discovery process where you get to know us better, understand our process, and confirm that we can add significant value. There is no cost for this process as we get to know you and your team.

Do you use a formal business coaching program?

Yes! The Results Business Consultants Execution System is a structured, proven process that scales the research of global thought-leaders to mid-sized organizations. It’s been used now with over 400 companies in western Canada.

Ready to Take the Next Steps?

Consider booking a no-obligation conversation with Nicole, our Community Engagement Director to see if and how Results Business Consultants can help you and your company achieve your goals

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The Results Business Consultants community is made up of over 5000 CEOs, business leaders and ambitious learners who actively participate in the many leadership development (and sometimes just fun!) initiatives we host.

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