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Apply below to see if the complimentary Business Execution Assessment may be right for your organization.

Getting results requires that we understand your business and unique challenges a bit better. That’s where our complimentary Business Execution Assessment (BEA) comes in. It will reveal where your business is performing well, and where the greatest improvement opportunities lay.

Apply here to see if the Business Execution Assessment is right for your organization

The Business Execution Assessment (BEA) score ties directly to growth in revenue, profitability, market share and overall performance for any organization.

It measures 5 critical areas of effective execution:

1. Vision & Culture

The core ideologies of your firm – values, purpose, and vivid description of the desired future.

2. Building & Executing Strategy

A relevant and dynamic plan for moving forward, complete with an assessment of your competitive environment, your core competencies, and ownership to outcomes.

3. Talent

Alignment of the roles, high engagement and accountability and recruitment and retention of top talent.

4. Process

Well-defined and disciplined use of key processes throughout the business.

5. Leadership

Sound leadership skills and communication, combined with high levels of trust, authenticity and cohesion.

Submit your application to see if this complimentary, 1/2 day workshop is suitable for your organization.

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