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Mastering Leadership Program

The Mastering Leadership Program is designed to build on the learning from the BLP program. It is for leaders and managers who have had some experience applying their leadership skills and are looking for an opportunity to grow. MLP is designed to zero in on and master real world leadership challenges, specifically in the areas of communication, influencing change, and coaching.

  • Crucial Conversations (2 sessions)
  • The Coaching Habit
  • Communication and Influencing Change (2 sessions)
  • Coaching for Performance

Mastering Leadership Program Course Structure & Details:

  • Six half-day classroom-style learning sessions, delivered in person or virtually
  • Learning pods of leaders from all levels and business units
  • Wide use of case studies for group work
  • Simulations for personal and group learning
  • The commitment to new habits and applied skills
  • Expert facilitation of best practices and real-world applications
  • Meaningful dialogue and debate of all leaders to strengthen the organization
  • Each trainee will receive 25.5 hours of classroom-style training which can be completed over a 6 to 12 month period
  • Upon completion of the course, successful participants will receive a Certificate of Completion.

Cost of MLP: $2,300 CAD plus GST per participant

The Mastering Leadership Program is eligible for the Canada-Alberta Job Grant. Eligible employers can get government funding to help employees and unemployed Albertans access training opportunities. The government contributes two-thirds of the cost to a maximum of $10,000 per trainee per fiscal year. For more information on the job grant program, visit:

Course Curriculum

Introductory Session (1.5 hours)

  • Introductions & Expectations overview
  • Learning objectives
  • Pre-work assignments

Crucial Conversations – Part 1 (4 hours)

  • Introduction to key concepts – what is a crucial conversation, why are they critical, how do we do them effectively
  • Case study and role playing
  • Learnings debrief and assignments for part 2

Crucial Conversations – Part 2 (4 hours)

  • Key concept review
  • Role playing, application of the Prepare/Inquire/Summarize model
  • Learnings debrief and assignments for next workshop

The Coaching Habit (4 hours)

  • Capture lessons learned from the pre-work reading
  • Introduction to the coaching process
  • Coaching simulation exercises
  • Debrief and commitments to building a new habit

Communicating and Influencing Change – Part 1 (4 hours)

  • Accountability check-in on previous workshop commitments
  • Introduction to the Influencer Model
  • Review and apply the three keys to influencing
  • Review and apply the six sources of influence (group exercise)
  • Plan for and commit to a change initiative
  • Review assignments for the next workshop

Communicating and Influencing Change – Part 2 (4 hours)

  • Accountability check-in on previous workshop commitments
  • Model review
  • Clarify measurable results and identify vital behaviours
  • Design and present your change initiative
  • Review assignments for final workshop

Coaching for Performance (4 hours)

  • Accountability check-in on previous workshop commitments
  • Introduction to the essence of coaching
  • Role playing and exercises
  • The use of effective questions
  • G.R.O.W. model for coaching

Canada-Alberta Job Grant

The Results Business Consultants Mastering Leadership Program is eligible for funding through the Canada-Alberta Job Grant. For more information on utilizing the job grant contact us using the form field below.

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