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Employer Information

We have consolidated some key information for employers and employees relating to COVID-19.

We recommend you appoint one of your leaders to frequently check each site for additional information and then to bring back their updates to the leadership team so that you can take appropriate action.

Temporary Layoffs

It is important for employers to understand the current employment Labour standards in their provincial jurisdiction as they relate to Temporary Layoffs.
Alberta Labour Standards
British Columbia Employment Standards

Completing the Record of Employment (ROE) for Temporary Layoffs

Service Canada is processing over 500,000 new ROE requests per week.

Ensuring that the ROE is completed with the correct reason will assist in faster response by Service Canada.

Here is a link with info on how to complete the Record of Employment (ROE) Form.

US Critical Infrastructure Projects

For clients who may need to send workers to the U.S. to work on Critical Infrastructure Projects, here is a link for a Critical Infrastructure Authorization Letter.

Disinfecting Your Facility

The CDC has provided an excellent guide with information on how to properly disinfect your facility if someone is sick. You can find that info here.

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