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The Compass Collective

We are committed to helping our community and businesses get through these difficult times. That is why we are providing the complementary offers below to those firms we think we can help the most and who, in turn, can help the community overall.

Our Commitment to Relief during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Results Business Consultants helps the leadership teams of mid-market companies unleash their potential through disciplined execution. Our programs create accountability, higher performance, and more cohesive teams.

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CC Partners

The Compass Collective Partnership

The Alberta business landscape has been hit hard by the challenges of the COVID-19 crisis. In response, we have initiated a grassroots movement of Alberta based professional service providers who have banned together to offer complimentary advice, workshops, and other resources.

Our Compass Collective Offerings

We have created these offerings specifically for the Compass Collective. If you are a leader in a mid-sized firm, please reach out to us. We will do our best to accommodate requests from qualifying firms as quickly as possible with the expert team we have available.

The workshops and services listed below will be delivered through appropriate and safe ways using virtual meeting technologies.

Contact us to learn more and apply.

Leaders Circles for CEOs , Owners and Presidents

Connection, communication and collaboration have never been more important, which is why Results Business Consultants has launched CEO peer groups called Leaders Circles.

Leaders Circles are a forum for like-minded business leaders to tap into the collective intelligence and experience of trusted peers in a facilitated, confidential and non-judgmental environment. These are structured with 6-8 carefully matched owners/CEOs per group. Following the first session will be no more than 60 minutes (virtual video meetings), the group will decide on frequency and call duration for future meetings

Coaching for CEOs, Owners and Presidents

As a leader, it can be lonely at the top – who do you turn to for advice and guidance?

As part of the Compass Collective initiative, our highly experienced and certified Business Execution Specialists can provide an hour of one on one leadership development, mentorship and business advice to help you navigate this storm.

The Evolved Leader Workshop

What is the secret ingredient to becoming or remaining a strong leader? Turns out it isn’t so secret, it boils down to three fundamental areas: Intelligence Quotient (IQ), Emotional Quotient (EQ) and Adaptability Quotient (AQ).

In this workshop, your leadership team will assess their own leadership IQ and EQ, and then explore Adaptability with the goal of creating a culture of innovation and resiliency?

Cultural Chemistry Workshop

Whether in a virtual environment, or a face to face office, building a cohesive team takes deliberate action. In this workshop we will explore how applying three key competencies for a winning culture (building psychological safety, sharing vulnerability, and establishing purpose) will strengthen the culture and teamwork in your organization. Your leadership team will perform an assessment of these dimensions, and then develop actionable steps to improve.

Accountability Workshop

Mastering personal workflow is a foundational skill set for all employees, but particularly leaders if they are to achieve a culture of accountability. In this workshop, we will guide your leadership team through the fundamental flow of management and delegation, how to apply the right tools and processes to avoid failure and pitfalls, and best-practices for managing inputs, priorities, and communications to create a culture of accountability.

Leading Through Adversity Workshop

Now more than ever leadership teams must develop laser focus on the fundamentals of their business. The adage “talent is your number one asset” is true. You need to understand who is going to help you get through these challenging times, and then create the kind of environment they can be wildly successful in. In this workshop, your leadership team will understand who the “A” players are, audit company culture to assess if it’s the kind of environment conducive to success in an environment of uncertainty and adversity, and apply the business formula for extreme customer focus to make sure you are doing everything you can to strengthen relationships with your customers?

We are here to help during the COVID-19 pandemic

The Results Business Consultants Difference

In today’s competitive marketplace, companies that are not good at discipline and execution will lose business to their competitors or they will become obsolete.

Canadian firms are innovative and can become global leaders once they understand how to reach higher and execute the strategies that leading companies use to gain the advantage in the global economy. The RES has been developed to turn a good company into a great one by providing the training needed to ensure operational excellence and successful change management, growth management, and accountability across all departments.

  • Results Execution System (RES) is the most comprehensive system in the world for helping leadership teams adopt high levels of business execution.
  • Our “high-touch” delivery model is customized to your unique business needs.
  • Our team approach – when you work with Results Business Consultants you have the confidence in knowing we can take care of your business growth needs long-term.

Our team of advisors assess your current operations and help your leadership team build a system and strategy that works for your company’s requirements.

What You Can Expect from Results Business Consultants

Higher Performance

Streamlined operations that reduce costs, increase sales and ensure your company is poised to succeed today and in the future.

A Comprehensive Strategy

A comprehensive strategy and execution plan for business growth.


A process that ensures organizational alignment to a long-term vision and goals that are cascaded throughout the organization. The foundation of accountability.

The Proven Process

At Results Business Consultants, we have helped hundreds of Canadian companies improve operations and build successful strategies that transform their organization.

Trusted Advisors

Our Certified Business Execution Specialists act as trusted advisors to the leadership team. We guide your team through the programs and processes that provide the systems and strategy education needed for the successful execution and ongoing implementation of best practices in your business.

The success of our clients proves the Results Business Consultants Execution System works.

  • Your team will be able to clarify their longer-term vision, their culture, and their path to achieving the desired future state.
  • Your team will be trained in disciplined execution to ensure the successful rollout of strategies.
  • Your leadership team will understand how to adopt the attitudes, processes and behaviors that are essential for creating repeatable results.
  • Your team will have goals, strategy and an execution plan that are aligned and well-communicated.
  • Core operational processes will be defined and refined, with organizational alignment.

Following the Results Business Consultants process will strengthen your leadership team, improve communication, and enable you to build a culture of execution and accountability that achieves results .

Real Client Testimonials

When you're put in a leadership role you have a decision to make—are you prepared to ``talk the talk and walk the walk``. One of the things with myself and the help of Results Business Consultants is that I've been able to take a very serious look at what leadership is all about.

Real Client Results Business Consultants

Vancouver Regional Construction Association
Clear Strategy and Priorities

Vancouver Regional Construction Association

Clear Strategy and Priorities

VRCA has worked with Results Business Consultants since 2016 to sharpen its planning and execution processes.

“Our business has grown exponentially as a result of having clear strategic and operational priorities and supporting KPIs that we love to track! There’s no question that the Results Business Consultants team is part of VRCA’s success in recent years and we are very grateful for their ongoing partnership and friendship” said CEO Fiona Famulak.

A trusted resource in our communities.


A trusted resource in our communities.

LandSolutions is a single source for all land needs; petroleum, power generation, transmission, transportation, renewable energy industries, and public infrastructure.

The company fully integrates its industry-leading land acquisition services with environmental solutions. More importantly, giving back to the community – professional, urban, and rural – through donations and volunteering is a corporate priority and source of employee pride.

Working with the team at Results Business Consultants helped LandSolutions establish a clear vision and the discipline to identify the right priorities to support that vision. Once these were established, the Results Business Consultants process created cadence around the execution of priorities and made a meaningful difference to business evolvement and growth.

These efforts coalesced into a highly engaged team that believes in the future of LandSolutions and has made growth much more manageable in the process.

Original Joe’s
Empowering Team Culture

Original Joe’s

Empowering Team Culture

FranWorks Group of Companies is primarily a multi-brand restaurant. Since its launch in 2000, FranWorks has evolved from franchise consulting, to owning and operating concepts and brand that fill market niches in different sectors through both corporate-owned and franchise growth models. In the past 15 years, FranWorks has grown from 2 locations to 87 across Canada, and the US. FranWorks’ brands include, Original Joes’ Restaurant and Bar, Elephant & Castle, and State & Main Kitchen & Bar.

Often when companies experience rapid growth, culture, team engagement, and execution suffer. Working with Results Business Consultants, FranWorks developed clearly defined strategies to cascade culture and values to all team members, which has transformed the business. In the midst of rapid expansion, FranWorks Group of Companies has emerged with an incredible culture. The team finds meaning and fulfillment in taking care of each other and their guests. Through fantastic team experience, FranWorks is able to deliver fantastic guest experience.

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