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Building Leaders Program - Level 1

Based on 30 years of research, the Building Leaders Program (Level 1) is designed to:

  • Increase leadership competencies at all levels in your organization
  • Build an internal pipeline of leaders to fill key roles as you grow
  • Effectively drive succession planning
  • Improve alignment, engagement and communication at all levels
  • Help managers master the leadership practices of exemplary leaders
  • Strengthen the confidence employees have in their leaders
  • Establish clear and consistent messages and processes throughout your organization
  • Create a culture of discipline with an entrepreneurial spirit
  • Develop shared accountability for results

Building Leaders Program Course Structure & Details:

  • Four full-day classroom-style learning sessions, or eight half-day sessions
  • Half-day sessions can be delivered in person or virtually
  • Learning pods from all levels and business units, but ideally including 1 executive sponsor
  • Self-assessments and goal setting exercises
  • Creation of Accountability Pairs to ensure development progress between workshops
  • Program fees include relevant reading materials, books, course binder, tools and templates 
  • Inter-session accountability check-ins with Results Business Consultants to reinforce personal development
  • Expert facilitation of best practices and real-world applications
  • Meaningful dialogue and debate with all leaders to strengthen the organization
  • Each trainee will receive 38 hours of classroom-style training which can be completed over a 6 to 12 month period
  • Upon completion of the course, successful participants will receive a Certificate of Completion and a customized Badge to add to their LinkedIn account 

Cost of BLP: $3,685 CAD plus GST per participant

Minimum 10 / Maximum 16 Participants

The Building Leaders Program is eligible for the Canada-Alberta Job Grant. Eligible employers can get government funding to help employees and unemployed Albertans access training opportunities. The government contributes two-thirds of the cost to a maximum of $10,000 per trainee per fiscal year. For more information on the job grant program, visit:

Course Curriculum

Kickoff Session

  • Introduction to other pod members and the course instructor 
  • Introduction to the course binder and reading materials
  • Confirmation of reading requirements throughout the program

Model the Way – day 1 part 1 

  • Introduction to the two laws of leadership
  • Learning four factors of “model the way” – how can these be applied?
  • Introduction to the accountability buddy process

Inspire a Shared Vision – day 1 part 2

  • Identify how to use “model the way” principles to inspire a shared vision
  • Learn how to communicate an inspiring future
  • Identifying a common purpose and creating alignment
  • Identify goals and learning intent

Accountability Check In – 1

  • Report on progress with learning goals and tasks
  • Check accountability buddy pairs
  • Review readings and assignments progress

Mastering Personal Workflow – day 2 part 1

  • Identify and learn the three elements of workflow
  • Introduction to the Franklin Covey Matrix
  • Learn the workflow process and tools

Challenge the Process – day 2 part 2

  • Learn why the process might need to be challenged
  • How to search for opportunities and seize the imitative
  • Why would businesses experiment and take risks?
  • Identify goals and learning intent

Accountability Check In – 2

  • Report on progress with learning goals and tasks
  • Check accountability buddy pairs
  • Review readings and assignments progress

Enable Others – day 3 part 1

  • Learn how leaders can enable actions – why is this important?
  • Introduction to 5 dysfunctions of a team
  • Learn how to create a climate of trust

Giving and Receiving Feedback – day 3 part 2 

  • Learn the importance of giving constructive, timely feedback
  • Learn the importance of fostering an open, approachable leadership style that welcomes feedback from others
  • Actual practice time spent delivering and receiving feedback effectively and without defensiveness

Accountability Check In – 3

  • Report on progress with learning goals and tasks
  • Check accountability buddy pairs
  • Review readings and assignments progress

Accountability For Results – day 4 part 1 

  • What is accountability? Why is it important?
  • Introduction to “above the line” behavior
  • Learn the pillars of accountability

Encourage the Heart – day 4 part 2 

  • Introduction to “encourage the heart”
  • Why is regular feedback important?
  • Learn how to create a spirit of community
  • Identify goals and learning intent

Canada-Alberta Job Grant

The Results Business Consultants Building Leaders Program is eligible for funding through the Canada-Alberta Job Grant. For more information on utilizing the job grant contact us using the form field below.

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