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Zoë Chance

BEx 2024 Keynote

Zoë Chance

Influence is Your Superpower

The ability to influence and persuade is a key leadership skill, and yet employees and managers struggle to get others on board with their ideas.

In this session, influence expert Zoe Chance analyzes how people successfully influence others in business. Concluding that ultimately people’s minds cannot be changed, she offers a comprehensive toolbox of strategies for influencing their behavior. Drawing on her Fortune 500 practitioner experience and her Harvard and Yale research expertise, she’ll provide  strategies to help practitioners assert influence in diverse business settings: employee engagement and retention, negotiating multimillion dollar deals and multilateral treaties, securing grants, connecting with celebrities, improving work relationships with bad bosses and entitled employees, increasing sales, and obtaining recognition and flexibility at work.

Zoë Chance is a global authority on influence, persuasion, charisma and negotiation who teaches teams and individuals how to connect with others, change behaviors and become a person people want to say yes to.

A Yale Professor with the #1 rated course at Yale School of Management, Mastering Influence and Persuasion, Zoë’s easy, clear and actionable approach to improving your natural ability to effect change has made her one of our top speakers and advisors. Not just an incredible teacher, she’s also the bestselling author of “Influence Is Your Superpower: The Science of Winning Hearts, Sparking Change, and Making Good Things Happen” (2022), which is drawn from her Yale course. 

Energizing and empowering, Zoë combines her acting experience with interactive exercises, discussions, specific strategies and real-world practice to create an experiential journey that resonates beyond individuals to create ripples of lasting change throughout an entire organization. Laser-focused on her mission of helping good people and businesses do good in the world, Zoë is truly gifted at reaching and teaching audiences, helping them connect more authentically, communicate persuasively and get more of what they want in both their professional and personal lives.