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Virtual Contingency Planning Workshop

Results Business Consultants has put together a half-day Virtual Contingency Planning Workshop.

This 1/2-day virtual workshop is designed to help organizations proactively navigate the harsh realities they may face as a result of COVID-19.

We will look at the necessary steps for implementing immediate operational measures in an effort to provide relief to both your internal team & customers.

Leadership teams will navigate through 3 phases of contingency planning:

  1. Immediate Operational Measures
    • Modifications to current working environment
    • Temporary work policies
    • Communication rhythms
  2. Strategic Risk Management
    • Managing cash flow
    • Managing supply-chain risk
    • Analyze the impact on your business network
    • Identify pivot opportunities
  3. 30 Day Business Plan
    • Review & adjust current strategy
    • Create actions based on strategic risk evaluation
    • Update key initiatives based on the current reality

Participants will leave with several actions to proactively help mitigate the risks in their organizations.

Contact us for more information on scheduling your Contingency Planning Workshop.

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