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Sarah Noll Wilson

BEx 2023 Keynote

Sarah Noll Wilson

Curiosity First: Building innovation, accountability, and collaboration one conversation at a time 

The highest performing and high value teams are innovative, collaborative, strive for mastery, and have a culture of transparency. At their core, they have a consistent foundation – Psychological Safety. Psychological Safety is an intentional culture where people can be themselves, ask questions, challenge the status quo, take risks and fail. At a time when disruption is the norm, change is inevitable, and workforce expectations have shifted profoundly, it is critical we explore how to build cultures of Psychological Safety and courageously examine the ways we are not.   

One of the most common traps that gets in the way of a culture of Psychological Safety is avoidance of conflict and emotionally charged conversations to maintain comfort and harmony. If we are going to create teams where people can be their best, do their best, and achieve their best, we must move from avoidance, to conversations, to connections. 

Guided by more than a decade of research and professional practice, Sarah will apply her Curiosity First approach to team conflict and avoidance. She will share strategies to identify avoidance, shift into ownership, and more quickly have the conversations you need to have, but have been avoiding.  

Sarah Noll Wilson

Sarah Noll Wilson - BEx Speaker 2023

Sarah Noll Wilson, Inc. is who you call when you’re ready to do the hard work of leading yourself and leading others.

Sarah Noll Wilson, Inc. is on a mission to help leaders build and rebuild teams. Our goal is to empower leaders to understand and honor the beautiful complexity of the humans they serve. We create a safe, honest environment, preparing people to deal with real-world conflict, have more meaningful conversations, and create purposeful relationships. Working with CEO’s, HR leaders, and organizations that care deeply about their employees and understand the connection between employee development, employee satisfaction, and organizational success, Sarah Noll Wilson, Inc. specializes in transforming relationships from good to great.

Through her work as an Executive Coach, an in-demand Keynote Speaker, Researcher, Contributor to Harvard Business Review, and Bestselling Author of “Don’t Feed the Elephants”, Sarah Noll Wilson helps leaders close the gap between what they intend to do and the actual impact they make. She hosts the podcast “Conversations on Conversations”, is certified in Co-Active Coaching, Conversational Intelligence, and is a frequent guest lecturer at universities. In addition to her work with organizations, Sarah is a passionate advocate for mental health.

With 15+ years in leadership development, Sarah earned a Master’s Degree from Drake University in Leadership Development and a BA from the University of Northern Iowa in Theatre Performance and Theatre Education – no wonder clients love the energy she brings to their teams! When she isn’t helping people build and rebuild relationships, she enjoys playing games with her husband Nick and cuddling with their fur baby, Sally.