This course is completed in consecutive 12-month periods
This course can be completed as a 32 hour or 40 Hour course.
The 32-hour course consists of four (4) Full Day Sessions
The 40-hour course consists of five (5) Full Day Sessions


Results Strategic Planning enhances the leadership team’s skills in strategic planning, operational efficiency, and overall cohesiveness of the team. This course is designed to continuously improve key elements in a leadership team to ensure business success.

Strategic and operational planning –By using world-class research and best-practices influenced by global leaders in strategic thinking – Collins, Porter, Drucker, Hamel, etc – Results Canada’s unique planning framework emphasizes the creation of one-page strategic plans with a practical execution focus. This course is evaluated yearly to meet the needs of Alberta’s changing economy, with the educational content updated regularly.

Each year a client engages in Results Strategic Planning they will engage in 4 or 5 full day training workshop’s guided by a Business Execution Specialist.

In order to successfully complete Results Strategic Planning, participants must:

  • Complete two execution modules
  • Complete all session pre-work including but not limited to: pre-session engagement surveys & reading, and workbooks
  • Be an active participant in all full day training sessions in the agreement (a total of 32 or 40 hours)
  • Develop and achieve 90-Day Action Priorities every quarter
  • Develop and achieve 1 Year Strategic Priorities by the end of the year
  • Set short term and long term financial goals to drive company growth
  • Perform a SWOT Analysis each quarter
  • Participate in Team Building experiential exercises designed to align leadership teams

Upon successful completion of the above, participants will be issued a certificate of completion at the end of each 12-month engagement.

Example: Results Strategic Planning

Below is an example of what a one year engagement in the Results Strategic Planning Course looks like – because this course is evaluated yearly to meet the needs of Alberta’s changing economy clients can choose to engage in the course for multiple years as content is updated regularly to ensure educational requirements are met.

40 Hour Results Strategic Planning

Course Hours: 40 Hours Per Participant

Session Type # of Sessions Hours per Session Total Hours
Annual Training Workshop 1 8 8
Quarterly Training Workshop 4 8 32
Full Course 40

32 Hour Strategic Planning Program

Program Hours: 32 Hours Per Participant

Session Type # of Sessions Hours per Session Total Hours
Quarterly Training Workshop 4 8 32
Full Course 32

The meeting rhythm for quarterly & annual sessions is consistent:

Quarterly Training Workshop (8 Hours)

  • Team Preparation
  • Pre-Session Survey & Survey Report
  • Education & Completion of Execution Modules
  • Financial performance review
  • Setting Financial targets for the next 90 days
  • Create & review a collective intelligence list
  • Review 90 Day Action Priorities from previous quarter
  • Identify 90 Day Priorities for the next quarter
  • Identify committed Outcomes & Build Execution Plans
  • Experiential Team Building Exercise
  • SWOT Analysis


Annual Training Workshop (8 Hours)

  • Team Preparation
  • Accomplishments in the past 12 Months
  • Update 3-5 year financial targets
  • Establish 1 year financial targets
  • Review/Update 3-5 Year Strategic Moves
  • Current Reality Assessment
  • Establish 1 Year Execution Priorities
  • Experiential Team Building Exercise

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