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Results Business Execution Disciplines Course develops a variety of managing and business skills with specific focus on strategic planning and corporate culture, recruiting and retaining talent, leadership and supervising. In addition to that, the participants receive training in personal management skills (goal setting, organizational skills, time management, team work etc.)

The key element of the course is to create a consistent meeting rhythm for the leadership team and create a culture of accountability around execution.

Certificate of Completion:

Each participant is responsible for all readings, assignments and tasks and is evaluated upon completion of every module on a 100% scale.

Course Lengths: 6 months

Training Hours: 40 hours

Method of delivery: Blended: a combination of virtual weekly session and quarterly full-day classroom sessions

Course Capacity: 5 participants

Instructor: TBD

Course Price: CAD 6500 per participant

*100% costs are for instructional fees

Phase 3: Disciplined Process and Systems

Learning Objectives:

Develop simple yet effective processes and systems form the basis for consistent execution and predictable results. This phase will encompass a broad spectrum of business function from effective meeting rhythms, change management process, to business development practices.

Measuring Success:

In this phase key processes and systems must be implemented in a sustainable fashion;

  • Business development process (marketing, sales and customer retention) that drive revenue growth.
  • Customer Loyalty and Feedback which provides insights into current issues and future opportunity, and results in high levels of customer retention.

Successful execution of this phase requires the following be accomplished;

  1. Business development systems and process have been sustainably implemented, and drive a disciplined approach to marketing, sales and customer retention. This results in predictable top line performance.
  2. Customer Loyalty and Feedback are a priority, and ensure improvements in brand offering and delivery.

Processes and Systems

Business Development (20 hr)

Objectives of this Execution Module:

  1. Gain familiarity with marketing concepts, structure and process.
  2. Identify the appropriate level of marketing process and activity for the client.
  3. Plan and execute towards the desired marketing structure and targets.

Customer Loyalty (20 hr)

Objectives of this Execution Module:

  1. Explore the importance of Net Promoter Score and how it relates to everyday business practices
  2. Develop a plan for rolling out NPS survey
  3. Identify the target audience for NPS
  4. Roll out NPS and conduct debrief of the results
  5. Develop a plan for distributing the feedback to all employees
  6. Explore the importance of Voice of the Customer framework and how it relates to everyday business practices
  7. Implement regular Voice of the Customer sessions and develop a plan for continuous improvement based on the feedback

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