Results Behavioral Profiling – 1/2 Day Training Workshop

Program Map

In order for a team to reach and maintain high levels of performance, it must first establish a foundation of trust. Trust is a key component of team performance. A solid level of trust is required for discussion of critical and often contentious issues. Without trust, important viewpoints are not communicated, not discussed, and effective team collaboration is absent.

An important first step to establishing trust in a team environment is to understand and know your teammates better. A potential point of friction on any team is the various ways in which we behave. We all behave based upon our beliefs and the circumstances of a given situation. If you do not understand what is driving the behavior of a teammate, it can result in false assumptions, undo friction and reduce team effectiveness.

Every human being fits within a standard set of behavioral profiles. No profile is better or worse than any others, and all have their unique advantages. They reveal why we behave the way we do and suggest roles where we can play to our natural strengths and be most successful.

By understanding our behavioral profiles and those of our teammates, we can significantly improve our communication and collaboration. In addition, profiles can greatly assist in the recruitment of new team members and promotion of existing employees into new positions.

Certificate of Completion:

Each participant is responsible for all readings, assignments and tasks and is evaluated upon completion of every module on a 100% scale.

Program Lengths: Half Day

Training Hours: 4 hours

Method of delivery: Classroom Session

Course Capacity: 5 participants

Instructor: TBD

Course Price: CAD 740 per participant

Course Outline

Behavioral Profile Overview (30 minutes)

  • Participants will learn the value of using behavioural profiling tools within an organization:
  • Learn more about ourselves (self awareness)
  • Learn more about others (other awareness)
  • Improve recruitment
  • Put people in roles that play to their strength
  • Improve communication and working relationships

Behavioural Profile Questionnaire (30 minutes)

  • Each participant will complete a questionnaire prior to the workshop
  • The questionnaire will identify behavioural styles
  • Participants will learn to understand their personal strengths and weaknesses based on their natural (preferred) behavioural style) & how to adjust their behavioral style to cope with their current environment

Team Debrief (2 hours)

  • Participants will share a summary of their behavioural profile report with the team
  • At the end of the workshop, participants will understand the strengths, attributes, motivators, and communication style of their team
  • Team profiles will be mapped to provide a big picture of how each team member functions within the organization
  • Participants will understand the implications of their Team Behavioural Map
  • Participants will understand how to identify strengths & weaknesses within their team communication styles

Communication Improvement (1 hour)

  • Participants will be put into pairs with people who have a different behavioural profile
  • Participants will be challenged to identify the adjustments they need to make to improve the communication and working relationship between each other
  • Findings will be reported back to the group

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