The Net Promoter Score, or NPS, is a measure of customer delight developed by Frederick F. Reichheld and introduced in this 2003 Harvard Business Review article.  Based on a 100 point scale, the measure captures how likely customers are to refer a company to other potential buyers.

NPS has become a global standard for measuring customer delight.   Leading brands like Apple, Westin Hotels and Southwest Airlines lead their industries with scores in the +60s.

NPS for Results Canada Inc.

Results Canada has been committed to capturing NPS data and using client feedback to improve since 2010.

Last year Results achieved its highest ever NPS of +80!

Why did we receive +80?  Here’s what our clients said:

  • Tangible tools to improve business process, not just theoretical ideas. Strong facilitation have also been extremely valuable to moving our team forward.
  • Simplification of proven business growth techniques. Actionable execution plans.
  • The Results process forces a person to work on the business, not just in the business. This is the hardest thing to take time out of the day for. It also brings accountability through buy in of the senior managers as owners of the direction of the company. Once this happens, our Core Values, Vision and Mission become the driving force behind our decisions.
  • Keeps us on track, forces us to admit mistakes and commit to specific action we might not otherwise move forward with.
  • Focus, Execution, Strategy/Planning – All important to our business and facilitated very well by your team.
  • Good overall presentation of the concepts of team development and effective business management. Good format to the meetings; concise, to the point, resulting in clear action items. Positive and encouraging tone set throughout the meetings.
  • Focused on assisting us with accomplishing results. Trains us to implement our strategic goals.
  • I find the process to be very engaging. The journey is helping me to focus on thinking differently like an owner, working ON the business
  • Only reason I didn’t give a 10 is because there are likely companies that aren’t in the right mindset or ready to take on everything that Results can give them. From my perspective, Results’ approach and service is hugely beneficial to a company in a growth stage, with an entrepreneurial mindset, and looking to have the entire team engaged in helping grow the company and making it successful. Results has aligned our leadership team (resulting in alignment of our entire team), has created clarity around our purpose, values and priorities. As leaders we feel much more confident in how to make decisions, and are very clear in what type of culture we need to have.
  • See huge value in working with Results, been an incredibly positive experience for our team, culture & my leadership growth. Great support system & learning opportunities – the results team really cares about us and our success.
  • Our execution and team culture has improved dramatically since we began working with Results Canada.
  • We live our core values.
  • Results format is an excellent atmosphere to facilitate frank business discussion around sensitive subjects and builds consensus. It allows for full participation. The Results’ facilitator does an excellent job of pulling out issues in a succinct manner with positive results!
  • Results team has been consistent in holding us accountable while pursuing best practices.
  • Our participation with Results had helped us in a couple of key ways. It has been instrumental in assisting us on accountable execution. Many of the “”learnings”” Have been cascaded to the organization.
  • When our company first started talking about joining Results, I have to admit that I was a bit worried. It seemed like a lot of work and a ton of commitment. But after being in the program for a year and seeing all the improvements we have made as an executive team and as a company, I am happy that we joined.
  • Results helps us to set goals, prioritize them, but most importantly helps us to stay on track and meet our goals.
  • Results is like group therapy for business team leaders. Without it, you can get so caught up in the day to day aspects of work and forget how and why you want to make it a better place to make more money and create a better working environment.
  • The process and people at Results have helped us to increase our focus on what really matters for the business, and provided the structure that maintains the discipline to keep this focus.
  • The improvements our business has experienced through our relationship with Results. Promoting honest conversations among the management team. Members of the management team holding each other accountable. Providing a format to follow that holds us to task and allows flexibility when required.
  • It lives up to its brand promise to make us a more effective organization.
  • The facilitator is organized, punctual and knowledgeable. The structure and format flows smoothly and allows numerous people to provide input. The outcome is positive and has helped our company with strategy and next steps.
  • The process works! It exposes the team to creative/strategic thinking and it gets people working toward a common goal.
  • Results! The program works. It is a great mix of strategic execution helping companies develop strategic priorities that are actually going to be delivered on. The discipline and accountability delivered through the Results program are superb.

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