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Leader's Toolkit

The only constant about today’s business environment is change. Leaders and employees alike need new skill sets to be effective in our fast-paced, increasingly virtual world. 

The toolkit is comprised of a 4-part series, each 2 hours in duration. Offered virtually it can be taken from the safety and convenience of your home or office, while at the same time connecting team members with one another. Led by an experienced Business Execution Specialist from our team, it is packed with relevant, current skill-building, and real-world examples from Canadian businesses. 

  • Session 1 Cultural Chemistry - create teams that “click”, foster connection, build trust, grow psychological safety and vulnerability 
  • Session 2 Culture of Accountability - process, tools, and techniques to establish and maintain high levels of accountability and productivity 
  • Session 3 Effective Meetings - meeting rhythms and tips to help your organization run meetings that meet objectives  
  • Session 4 Giving & Receiving Feedback - create a culture of open feedback and caring candor 

Click here to be directed to our events page and see our next available session dates. 

Contact us if you are interested in the even more impactful option of a customized pod program for up to 12 individuals from your organization. 

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