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Results Business Consultants Forums

Connection, communication and collaboration have never been more important, which is why Results Business Consultants has launched forum groups. 

Results Business Consultants Forum is for like-minded business leaders to tap into the collective intelligence and experience of trusted peers in a facilitated, confidential and non-judgmental environment. 


  • Belong to a group of 8-12 like-minded peers who share best practices and lessons learned (act as an advisory board to one another) 
  • Enjoy professional moderation, facilitation and reap the benefits of the proven Results Business Consultants Execution System  
  • Push past comfort zones and achieve the vulnerability necessary for transformational growth 
  • Be inspired, motivated, supported and held accountable 

Flexible Structure & Commitments

Results Business Consultants Forum groups are flexible – they all start with 

  • A two-hour introductory session 
  • Ten ½ day Forum sessions 
  • Four 1on 1 Development Sessions 
  • Access to an annual two-day annual retreat 

Following the first session, the group will decide on frequency and call duration for future meetings.

Let’s find out if this program is right for your firm

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