Your Workplace Is A Stage, Learn To Master It!

Improv-inspired organizational development methodologies to transform work and communication habits.

We are all natural born performers! When we improvise and perform in ways we have not done before, we can discover new internal territory and grow. Cathy Salit, bestselling author of Performance Breakthrough: A Radical Approach to Success at Work, joins us for the next episode of Unleashed (on March 11th at 10-11 AM MST) to talk about how leaders and organizations can use the art and science of performance to become more than they thought they could be!

3 Reasons You'll Want To Tune In ...

  • This conversation will explore how organizations can get out of their habitual ways and close the gap between their current reality and desired future.
  • Cathy is a social entrepreneur, author, performer and executive coach, who has dedicated her life to creating educational environments that challenge the status quo and offer innovative, high impact learning and experiences. 
  • Cathy will share more about "The Becoming Principal" and how we can free ourselves to imagine and become more than we thought we were or could be.

This is a conversation you don't want to miss and registration is complimentary! Register now to save your seat.

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