Using Cognitive Diversity to Build Powerful Teams – Calgary

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Using Cognitive Diversity to Build Powerful Teams – Calgary


Hotel Arts

119 12th Ave SW, Calgary, AB T2R 0G8

Calgary, AB, CA, T2R 0G8

Do you have high performing, cohesive teams in your organization?

High functioning teams can outperform individuals by reducing individual human bias and error, fostering creativity, improving efficiency and problem solving. 

Teams who deliberately cultivate cognitive diversity achieve more. However, the very diversity that drives success can lead to team conflict. For teams to excel, leaders need to:

  • Assemble cognitively diverse teams
  • Develop processes to leverage and harness this diversity productively

In this workshop, participants will:

  • Learn about their own cognitive style
  • Explore how to use the knowledge of individuals’ cognitive styles to form teams
  • Learn how to lead these diverse teams effectively to achieve peak performance

Alison Fragale, Ph.D. in Organizational Behavior is a renowned professor, researcher and keynote speaker. Results, Direct Tec, Lloyd Sadd and Parlee McLaws are excited to bring Alison to Calgary to share stories and tactics designed to help teams excel.

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    1. Great Stephanie! Katherine will reach out to you to get you, Kyle & Trenton registered to attend.

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