Positioning Your Organization Ahead of the Competition

Insights on how organizations can start to clearly define their customer focus and position themselves uniquely in the marketplace.

If you can't articulate how your organization is different from competitors clearly and succinctly, what reason does your clientele have to buy from you? There are many good businesses with good people out there, but the businesses that really thrive are the ones that can properly position themselves in the marketplace from their competitors. David C. Baker, the author of The Business of Expertise, joins us for the next episode of Unleashed (on March 18th at 10-11 AM MST) to talk about how to market and position your organization ahead of the competition.

3 Reasons You'll Want To Tune In ...

  • David has helped over 900 firms and is the leading authority on positioning, reinventing, and marketing entrepreneurial expert firms!
  • This conversation will explore the four key business areas that fuel success, and how to understand and position your organization more effectively.
  • David will share his insights on how organizations can start to clearly define their customer focus, position themselves uniquely, and shift their focus to the right lead generation activities and attract the right customers.

This is another conversation you don't want to miss and registration is complimentary!

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