Military Leadership – What Can Us Civilians Learn?


June 6


07:00 am - 09:30 am

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9920 45th Avenue Northwest, Edmonton, AB T6E 5J1

Edmonton, AB, CA, T6E 5J1

In this workshop we explore what can be learned from Military Leadership and Strategy to better prepare your ship for the challenges ahead.

Business is war. Many leaders in Alberta feel like they have been waging their own personal war the last few years. Extreme hostile pricing and competition have left many weary. No matter what your business, and what the economic conditions, there is always a battle occurring somewhere. We are always under the threat of competition, changing environments and team performance challenges. Military leadership has a laser-like focus on external conditions, team performance, and winning, because just like in your business, the stakes are extremely high if we lose.

Join us on June 6th as Captain Jeffrey White discusses what Edmonton business leaders can learn from military tactics and training.

Breakfast will be available from 0715-0755, the workshop will start at 0800 hours.