Culture & Connection: Building a High Performance Remote Team


June 3


10:00 am - 11:30 am



Are your virtual teams as cohesive and as accountable as they need to be in this new virtual work environment?

Connection seems more difficult than ever before. Many leaders are asking: How can I build a winning, high performance culture while my team is working remotely? Will holding my people accountable diminish culture in this challenging time?

If this is a familiar challenge for you, then join us for this workshop. You will learn that accountability in remote work environments is possible, and that you can actually create it while BUILDING psychological safety and enhancing team cohesion. You will have the opportunity to assess your current state, learn some best practices from your facilitator and other workshop participants, and bring some applicable tools back to your team to implement.

This virtual workshop is ideal for individual leaders, managers, or teams from mid-sized organizations. If you would like more information or have questions, please contact us at info@UnleashResults.com.

Speaker Bio

Christy Benoit has over 15 years of experience in business leadership. Through her focus on developing healthy corporate cultures that foster a continuous improvement mentality, she’s demonstrated that it is possible to be doing good while doing well in business. Prior to joining the Results team in 2017, Christy co-founded, built and led several business ventures, including an innovative engineering firm that delivered industry changing products to some of the largest oil and gas companies in North America.