Accelerating Out of the (Down) Turn

2020 is behind us, vaccine rollout has started, & an economic recovery is coming. Is your business ready to accelerate out of the downturn?

A common misconception is that races are won in the straightaway, but they aren't, they're won in the turns. What skillful drivers know is once the tightest, slowest, scariest part of the curve has passed, it's time to press their foot on the accelerator - and this happens long before the curve is over. That's where competitive advantage is developed. Cautious drivers who wait too long don't stand on the podium.

The same is true in business. If you hunker down and wait for the pandemic to be over, you are at risk of getting left behind. This could leave you scrambling when it comes to market share and customers, but also in the competitive market for talent.

3 Reasons You'll Want To Tune In...

  • This conversation will explore six important strategies that will help ensure your team is accelerating before it's too late.
  • Research proves that companies making deliberate, proactive decisions and actions coming out of a downturn outperform their competition for years following.
  • We're turning the tables in this episode - our Host Jeff Tetz will be interviewed by a Global News Anchor, Quinn Phillips, for this important and timely topic!

Come and join us for this special bonus episode of Unleashed Season Three. Registration is complimentary.

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