Finding Your Ikigai

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Most business leaders today are familiar with Jim Collin’s hedgehog metaphor (borrowed from an ancient Greek story).  In nature the hedgehog does one thing very well, rolling up in a ball with its spiny quills out, to ward off all … Read More

BEx 2019 : Building an Accountability Culture

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At BEx 2019, Christy Benoit lead an impactful session titled, “Building an Accountability Culture”.  It was very well attended, an indication of just how important this topic is to business leaders today.  Christy made a very clear distinction between accountability and responsibility.  Responsibility is … Read More

BEx 2019 : Learning, Community and Growth

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On March 15 – 17, 2019 over 300 western Canadian business leaders came together for the 2019 Business Execution Summit (BEx Summit) held at the majestic Pomeroy Kananaskis Lodge.  As founding partner and organizers, we at Results were both proud and overwhelmed by the quality and number … Read More

Welcome to the new Results.

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Today we are excited to welcome all members of our community to the new Results. Addressing the business execution gap in mid-sized organizations is important work that we take very seriously.  We recognize that the … Read More