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BEx Breakout Sessions

Workshop Descriptions & Speaker Bios

Workplace Accommodations in a Post-Pandemic World  

Managing disabilities, returning to work (or not), and mental health in the workplace are all seemingly trickier in the post-pandemic world. As a business leader, you deal with difficult – and often new – situations every day. This session is designed to equip you with some of the legal tools, strategies, and information needed to respond in the moment. Come join a round table discussion, ask questions, gain insight, and learn how to navigate some of the legalities an employer may face when situations with accommodations arise. 

Speaker: Iain Walker

Iain Walker joined Parlee McLaws’ Edmonton office as an Associate lawyer in 2016 following completion of his Articles with the firm and became a Partner in 2021. As a labour & employment lawyer, he regularly advises employers and employees on a variety of matters including dismissal planning, wrongful dismissal litigation and human rights complaints. Iain also assists employers with drafting and implementing employment contracts and personnel policies as well as other human resource related matters. 

Differentiation: Have you Answered This Part of the Strategy Cascade?

Having a vision, targets and goals for your business is fantastic, but without alignment you could be wasting time, money, and resources. Running your plan through the Results Business Consultants strategy cascade guarantees alignment and connection between intention and action.  It helps leaders operationalize their vision so that it has meaning in day-to-day projects, priorities, and actions, and defines how the organization will win.

Come drill specifically into the question Where will we play and how will we stand out? If you can’t differentiate your business, you will struggle to win in your marketplace.

Speaker: Jeffrey White

Jeff has over 25 years of experience developing people and teams and driving strategic outcomes. Jeff honed his leadership skills with more than 20 years of experience leading and commanding sailors and ships within the Royal Canadian Navy.  A lifelong learner, Jeff received his Master’s degree in Strategy and Leadership from the Royal Military College of Canada in 2014.

His role today involves supporting the development and accountability of high-performance teams, building corporate vision, and ensuring the execution of strategic priorities. When not unleashing the potential in others, Jeff continues to serve in the Royal Canadian Naval Reserve. He advises a number of boards and loves to ski, sail and play water polo with family and friends. 

CuriosityYour secret weapon to giving and receiving effective feedback

Have you ever desperately wanted to give feedback, that you know will change the future for someone else, but you couldn’t muster the courage to speak up? Or maybe you did speak up, but the conversation didn’t go as expected or the results never came? Or maybe you have received feedback, that you dismissed in the moment, to only later realize it was a gift you desperately needed?  Well if any of that sounds familiar, this session is for you!  Deepening the conversation of Curiosity First, sparked by keynote speaker Sarah Noll Wilson, we will journey together through this interactive session to discover how curiosity is the secret to gaining an advantage when giving or receiving feedback. 

Speaker: Barbara Reppert

Barb has over 20 years of Corporate Executive experience in both the CFO and COO roles of growing companies. She gained her technical experience working for Deloitte and has augmented that with hands on operational experience in both private and public companies as well as in private equity. She has worked in both local and international organizations spanning over several industries with a specialty in manufacturing. Barb is a certified professional accountant that has left the day to day numbers to other people to pursue her passion of unleashing the potential that people, and the business they operate, have within them.

With her diverse experience Barb is always up to the challenge to learn new things and see what she can do to support and elevate her client’s success. In her role as Business Execution Specialist, Barb works closely with her clients to hone their vision, design their strategies and develop their execution discipline to achieve what they desire. Barb is also a certified executive and leadership coach and loves the opportunity to challenge her clients to achieve more than they believed possible.

When Barb is not working you can usually find her with her family enjoying various sports, camping, travelling, hanging out together or with a good book in her hand. Barb also enjoys her volunteer work on the Food Banks of Alberta Board and is proud of the classes she moderated through the Strategic Leadership Program for the Society of Management Accountants of Alberta prior to the accounting merger.