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Will Gadd

BEx 2024 Keynote

Will Gadd

Making Decisions Faster

Avoiding all risk is a path to failure. If we never take risks, we stay in a comfort zone and never grow, change, or learn. But approaching uncertainty and risk in the right way ensures that we maximize the benefits.

Adventure athlete Will Gadd makes a living being in high-risk situations and speaks around the world about how to live risk the right way. In this session, he shares his philosophies and process for operating in uncertainty.

For more than 25 years Will Gadd has been one of the top adventure sports athletes in the world.

Now he’s taking the lessons he learned while succeeding in some of the world’s toughest environments and sharing them with audiences ranging from Nike to Exxon Mobile to incarcerated youth. He won the X Games, set two world records for paragliding, and safely led numerous large TV and research expeditions into highly dangerous—and rewardingenvironments. He ice climbed Niagara Falls, flew a paraglider over the Grand Canyon, and taught his kids (and doctors and oil sands workers) to positively manage risk with the direct, entertaining and effective tools he learned through a lifetime of living on the edge. He speaks with personal humor and professional depth on effective and widely applicable tools to stay safe, build team resiliency, succeed in low-knowledge environments, and do what the everyone said was,Impossible!” He has shared more than 200 high-end presentations to groups from American Express to Hydro One. Most recently he and his teams found new life forms in glacial caves for a Discovery TV show, and helped a planetary scientist sample the world’s oldest rocks in Canada’s Arctic.

He is an award-winning author, film maker and (no awards) dad in Canmore, Alberta, Canada. He is still sponsored by Red Bull, Arc’teryx and other leading brands. His newest book project is titled , “Surviving and Succeeding in High-Hazard Environments,” published spring ’24, based on his own experiences and interviews with ten of the top medical, industrial, corporate and military risk managers in the world.