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Dr. Zeina Sleiman & Adar Abdulkadir

BEx 2024 Keynote

Adar Abdulkadir & Dr. Zeina Sleiman
NorQuest College

Creating Opportunities: Explore Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Strategies

Organizations that strive to be equitable, diverse, and inclusive enjoy up to 35% higher returns, a larger labour pool to select from, and are more innovative. Join us for a chance to talk about what EDI means, and learn the full scope of the opportunity for your organization. We’ll explore the difference between equity and equality; unearned life advantages and disadvantages; and the impact you can have as a leader. Assess your organization – find out how you rank on the inclusion scale. Bring your curiosity and be prepared to share your experiences.

Adar Abdulkadir is a Justice Instructor at NorQuest College. She holds a Masters in Criminology from Simon Fraser University and is an experienced educator and facilitator. As a former criminal justice professional with experience in corrections and trauma-informed youth programming, Adar is an avid advocate for marginalized communities and is committed to working to improve systems to better support peoples well-being. 

Dr. Zeina Sleiman has over ten years of experience in helping organizations and post-secondary institutions understand the impact of diversity and how to create more inclusive spaces. She started out in research and consulting where she worked with Canadian diplomats on pre-departure intercultural training, spent several years as a researcher at the Conference Board of Canada, and authored policy papers and reports on diversity, immigration and innovation. More recently, she spearheaded and managed several projects at NorQuest that are aimed at reducing barriers to accessing education in Alberta and is currently the Director at the Colbourne Institute for Inclusive Leadership. She has a PhD in politics, is the author of Sanctuary Regions, and the Struggle for Belonging , and her forthcoming book, Where the Jasmine Blooms, will be released in 2025.