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Jeffrey White

BEx 2024 Keynote

Jeffrey White

Opportunities and Capabilities: Part 3 of your Strategic Playbook

Last year at BEx, Jeffrey White took us through “Differentiation” as a key component of your organization’s Strategic Playbook. Join him this year as he explores the next part of the playbook – Investment. What are your biggest opportunities to win in the marketplace over the next few years? What organizational gaps do you have in your capabilities to leverage those opportunities? Think about talent, processes, systems and structure. Come prepared to participate with your table group as you work through an environmental scan, capability gaps, and costs.

Jeff has over 30 years of experience developing people and teams driving strategic outcomes. Joining Results Business Consultants after a very eclectic career, Jeff honed his skills leading and commanding sailors and ships within the Royal Canadian Navy with more than 25 years of experience. As part of a focus on lifelong learning Jeff received his Master’s degree in Strategy and Leadership from the Royal Military College of Canada. After a significant life change where his wife lost a battle to cancer, Jeff relocated to Calgary Alberta with his two boys and focused on converting his experiences and skills within the Canadian Forces to business. He completed his Professional Project Manager (PMP) and Certified Protection Professional (CPP) Certifications to gain industry understanding. This journey lead Jeff through opportunities as CEO of a midsize company, an independent consulting firm and ownership and investment in several Calgary based corporations.

Jeff is responsible for unleashing the potential in teams within companies of all sizes and industries. His role involves supporting the development and accountability of high-performance teams, corporate vision and execution on strategic priorities.

Beyond Results Business Consultants, Jeff continues to serve in the Royal Canadian Naval Reserve as the Command Mentor. As a father of five and married to a Calgary entrepreneur, Jeff’s role to unleash potential and support team cohesion is directly relatable to the development of his large family. Active in outdoor activities, Jeff loves to ski and sail with family and friends.