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Thomas Wedell-Wedellsborg

BEx 2023 Keynote

Thomas Wedell-Wedellsborg

Solve the Right Problem: How Reframing Reveals New Solutions to Your Toughest Challenges 

Based on his bestselling book from Harvard Business Press, “What’s Your Problem?”, Thomas Wedell-Wedellsborg will share a powerful tool, reframing the problem, which you can use in all aspects of your work.  

The importance of reframing becomes clear when you look at how people tend to approach problem-solving. By nature, people are often action-oriented and tend to rely on trial-and-error.  

That is often a good approach. But the tendency to ‘jump into action’ also creates a danger that people keep trying new solutions without understanding whether they understand the problem correctly – or if they are even targeting the right problem in the first place. The trial-and-error approach benefits tremendously from being combined with reframing; a little bit of analysis can save people a great deal of wasted effort. 

Thomas Wedell-Wedellsborg

Reframing: A Practical Application

Bring a current business problem you are struggling with to this session! With TWW’s guidance, use the reframing process from the morning Keynote and the help of your table partners to reframe and ensure you are solving the right problem. 

Thomas Wedell-Wedellsborg

Thomas Wedell-Wedellsborg is the author of What’s Your Problem? (Harvard Business Press, 2020), a book on how to solve the right problems.

He is also the co-author (with Paddy Miller) of Innovation as Usual, a Harvard Business Review Press book on the art of driving innovation in regular organizations.

Thomas has worked with managers in nearly all parts of the globe, including China, India, Russia, Singapore, Britain, France and his native country, Denmark. His research has been featured in Harvard Business Review, The Economist, The Sunday Times, The Telegraph, BBC Radio, Bloomberg Businessweek and the Financial Times. His work on innovation led HR Magazine to recognize him as a “Top 20 International Thinker”.

As an executive advisor and keynote speaker, Thomas has addressed organizations such as Cisco, Microsoft, Citigroup, Time Warner, AbbVie, Caterpillar, Amgen, Prudential, Union Pacific, Credit Suisse, Deloitte, the Wall Street Journal, and the United Nations.

Thomas holds an MA in Media Science from the University of Copenhagen and an MBA from IESE Business School. Prior to his business career, Thomas served for four years as an officer with the Danish Royal Guards.