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Karen Eber

BEx 2023 Keynote

Karen Eber

The Leadership Differentiator: How to tell stories that inform, influence, and inspire 

Today’s world values connections and clear and compelling information. Whether you are selling a product or service or building awareness for a cause, your ability to connect with the hearts and minds of your audience determines your success. The most impactful way to do this is storytelling. It is memorable, informative and builds trust. Especially when communicating data. Data doesn’t change behavior, emotions do, and emotions are best engaged through storytelling. 

The difference between telling a story and telling a great story is how the storyteller engages the audience’s brain. This talk demonstrates how to scientifically hack the art of storytelling by leveraging the Five Factory Settings of the brain. Learn where to find story ideas and how to apply a simple, memorable model for telling stories that inform, influence, and inspire for any setting. 

Karen Eber

Karen Eber is an international consultant and keynote speaker. Her talk on, How your brain responds to stories – and why they’re crucial for leaders, has almost 2 million views.

In Karen’s 20+ years in talent development, she has been a Head of Culture, Chief Learning Officer and Head of Leadership Development at Fortune 500 companies like GE, Deloitte and HP.

Engaging over 90,000 employees in 150 countries Karen discovered how to inform, influence, and inspire stakeholders with storytelling.

Karen’s career has spanned the talent ecosystem: culture integrations after mergers, coaching C-suite teams through conflict to higher performance, designing one of the first ratings-free performance management approaches, and building award-winning leadership development experiences.

Karen is a regular contributor to publications like Fast Company and is a four-time American Training and Development winner. She is publishing a book on Storytelling with Harper Horizon, a HarperCollins imprint, in 2023.