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45 Day Execution Sprint & Toolkit

The 45 Day Sprint is designed to ramp up your business. Focusing on sales, people and processes this program will guide you to work backward from your envisioned future state and map out a short-term strategy. Considered an introduction to our flagship Execution Disciplines Program, the 45 Day Sprint is priced competitively and contains the same Results focus on execution and accountability.

What you can expect:

  • Execution readiness assessment
  • Customized execution game plan
  • Facilitated 45 day execution game planning session to develop critical defensive and offensive business strategies
  • Weekly facilitated accountability coaching
  • Implementation of critical execution tools and processes from the Results Execution System

Let’s find out if this program is right for your firm

Are You Ready for Results?

If you are ready to achieve your vision, it starts here: Apply for a complimentary Business Execution Assessment.